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2015 Annual Meeting

The Board of Directors met on January 26, 2015 at Sertino's Cafe in New Braunfels. The 2015 goals and work days were discussed and planned. Workflow for work days will be changed to stations a la an assembly line. Since more stockings are planned for 2015, ‘inventory control’ is crucial, the Board members for each church will track kits given out and completed. Stockings with minimal ‘bling’ are needed for children under 5. Last year we provided stockings to 25 children who were 5 or under.

Grandmas' Stocking Guild has been incorporated as a 501(c)(3) Corp and an application was filed for Texas Sales Tax exemption. By-laws were approved by the Board.

The following slate of officers were elected:

  • President: Suzi

  • Vice President: Sandy

  • Secretary: Judy

  • Treasurer: Elsie

Next meeting will be the first week in March in Wimberley.

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